If your child is ill
Optional bookings
Model/Talent bag for jobs
Hair & Make-up
Money matters
On the job complaints & concerns

It is very important you arrive at jobs as castings on time. Castings are arranged specifically for your child.  Please do not invite your friends along without getting agency approval first. Only one parent/caregiver should attend the casting with the child. Please remember that the parent or caregiver’s behavior can also determine whether or not a child is booked for a job. top

If your child is ill:
You MUST let the agency know right away if your child is ill and unable to attend a casting or job. Please contact the agency by phone – if nobody answers, leave a message and send an SMS or email. top

Optional bookings:
Optional bookings are “maybe” bookings in which the client must either agree to a definate booking or cancel the booking within 48 hours call time. top

You MUST call the agency immediately after a job to let us know what time the job finished. After each job, complete the voucher legibly with precise starting and finishing times, and then have the client or client representative sign the voucher.  Mail, e-mail or fax the completed voucher to us within 3 working days.

The PB ‘n J voucher serves as an invoice as well as a model release form for that specific job.  Do not sign any other form than the agency voucher while on a job. top

Model/Talent bag for jobs:
Models and talent should carry a bag with personal items, such as: hairbrush, various hair clips and ties, extra socks, shoes, and wet wipes. Bring snacks and drinks along. Clients usually provide meals on whole day jobs. Bring toys/books/games to entertain babies between shots and while waiting. top

Hair & Make-up:
Arrive to castings and jobs looking good! For jobs - arrive at the shooting location with clean hair and wearing no make-up (teens). top

Please inform us of dates when your child will be out of town, changes in clothing size and newly-styled haircuts. top

 Money matters:
The agency will invoice the client directly after the shoot.  Models and talent should not accept direct payment from the client unless previously arranged by the agency. The agency will pay models and talent after the client has made payment to the agency.  Please uphold professional principles by refraining from discussing money matters with clients, models or talent whilst on a job. PB ‘n J will work to secure the highest possible rates for you. top

On the job complaints & concerns:
While on a job, if you have any questions or doubts, please phone the agency right away.  If the client asks you to do more than was previously agreed or if you feel uncomfortable, please phone right away. For example, if you agreed to a television ad and a photographer is also there taking photos, you should call the agency. Teens – if a client asks you to wear lingerie or swimwear, and it wasn’t previously arranged by the agency, please phone the agency right away.  We want you to get paid for the work you do and will negotiate with the client for additional usage. top

When PB ‘n J introduces your child to a client or photographer, we expect that future jobs with that client or photographer will be booked directly through PB ‘n J.  If a client or photographer requests your personal contact information, tell them they can contact you through the agency. If a model or talent books themselves directly with a client or photographer who was introduced to them through PB ‘n J, the agency will no longer represent that model or talent. top

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